Mixed Ages Class

About this Class

Age: 2.5 by September 1st
Schedule: T/W/Th 9-12 + Optonal M
Number of Children: Up to 14
Teachers: 1 Lead Teacher + 1 Aide
Parent Helpers: yes

Our new Mixed Ages program allows children the unique opportunity to learn skills from different aged peers. Share, create and learn with more flexibility to self-select the level of challenge appropriate for your child.  Research shows both younger and older children benefit from exposure to a variety of ages.  Younger children learn social expectations, show increased motivation and bolstered confidence and independence.  Older children develop leadership skills, boost self-esteem and promote cooperation (not competition).  We continually develop fine and gross motor skills, hand and core strength all reinforced through play.  Positive social behavior and identifying feelings are facilitated through hands-on activities in small and large groups.

We place an emphasis on preparing our older children for a successful transition to T-K/Kindergarten by offering an advanced curriculum during regularly scheduled small group work.  Individual and small group work includes  hands-on activities, stories and play are used  to develop the child’s abilities and strengths; including  fine motor skills (manipulatives, playdough, cutting, painting and pencil grip etc.), problem solving skills (interacting and learning how to resolve issues independently), independence (following  through on a given direction, going to the bathroom by themselves etc.), expressing their feelings and self regulation. 

12pm – 1pm

We offer a lunch bunch to extend your child’s day by one hour.  During this time children will enjoy lunch (brought from home) and socialization with peers and enjoy an outdoor free play time offered immediately after their meal.  Families have the opportunity to add this offering at two times over the year; the beginning of the school year and/or starting in January (as space is available).  This is a semester commitment.